• AI Safety (1)

    The study of how we can ensure that smarter-than-human artificial intelligence will be aligned with our values and have positive impacts on the world.

  • Book Reviews (2)
  • Cryonics (1)

    Cryonics is an experimental extension of emergency medicine. Using cryopreservation, a person who is beyond help by today's medicine is preserved for decades or centuries until a future medical technology can revive and restore them to full health.

  • Cultural Tools (1)

    Cultural tools are social structures and practices that we can use to create or change societies, organizations, or social interactions for the better.

  • Map/Territory (1)

    "The map is not the territory" is a metaphor illustrating the differences between reality and our beliefs about reality.

  • Philosophy (1)
  • Rationality (1)

    A rational agent wields its intelligence in such a way as to maximize the convergence between its beliefs and reality, and acts on these beliefs in such a manner as to maximize its chances of achieving whatever goals it has. Rationality is systematized winning. Practically, the topic of rationality includes epistemology, logic, cognitive biases, and debiasing.

  • Rationality Community (1)

    An online and in person community that has formed around the site and has since expanded.